With the openness and marketization of sand making machine industry growing, competition has become the sand making machine enterprise survival and development of the theme of environmental. Competitiveness has become the basis and prerequisite for the survival and growth of the. Sand making machine to enhance the allocation in technology competition. From the sand making machine, we design and production of reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. In our large, oversize hydropower station has been widely used in engineering project. There are many in the infrastructure may be used in raw materials, such as river gravel sand, sand, granite and basalt sand, sand and An Shan. Among them, pebble is most common in our country. Because the river egg stone hard, the sand gravel traditional machining. Peen wear will be very serious. Consumables changes frequently. Relatively high maintenance costs. Type of sand particle size is not very perfect. The production of the VSI series sand making machine adopts advanced German "stone dozen stone" + "hot stone" principle. It uses the high-speed movement of the material friction between self and crushing and grinding. VI sand making machine can not only gravel, but also through the shaping of the stones. According to the material feeding method, centrifugal impact crusher work forms can be divided into complete central feeding and center with waterfall down into the feed opening. Therefore VSI sand gravel sand making machine is the most advanced equipment. The best crushing cavity material impact angle design. Less friction with wear resistant piece. 30% lower than traditional operating cost of equipment. Directly reduce the cost of equipment. The product of a cube, grain shape, reasonable distribution, fineness modulus can be adjusted. Especially suitable for the artificial sand and stone plastic. Practice has proved that the improved 30% than other traditional equipment sand, shaping effect. The sand making machine processing equipment out of the gravel sand and natural sand is very similar. Better than natural river sand degrees. More in line with the requirements of the construction project. The sand making equipment with hydraulic station, oil lubrication, energy saving and environmental protection and other advanced equipment. To ensure efficient operation of equipment 24 small.